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Plug-and-Play systems for decentralized water supply and remote places

Our Solutions

Our units are built with the standard dimensions of shipping containers, enabling easy transportation and installation procedures.

The units are plug-and-play, completely ready to deploy and install. After placed, there is only the need to connect water inlet, water outlet and energy, and the unit is ready to operate.

Plug-and- play unit, easily transported, placed and installed

Our containerized structure enables easy transportation, just like a regular standard shipping container. For deployment and installation, only is needed to connect water and energy and is ready to go.

Robust and high quality materials and engineering

We choose all materials and construction features to withstand the most demanding condition of remote places. We use high-quality equipment to ensure a long last operation.

High flexibility, being able to be adapted to many situations

We engineer our systems, to adapt very easily to different sources of water and environments, being always able to supply water at the higher quality standards.

High cost/efficiency end-value

We design our systems to deliver high-quality water at a low production cost, optimizing energy, operation and maintenance.

High automation, low human intervention

Our systems are highly automated, reducing the need for human intervention to the minimum.

Remote management and monitoring capability

Operation and monitoring can be performed remotely, enabling more efficient control of multiple systems

Low operational costs 

We optimized energy efficiency, chemical consumption, and reduced human operation, so we can deliver water at a low production cost.

Prepared to work with different energy sources 

We can operate with energy from the grid, power generators, renewable sources like wind and photovoltaic, etc.


Our drinking water treatment plants work according to standard processes, of worldwide reference for the treatment of drinking water, in accordance with national and international standards and directives of the WHO (World Health Organization).
The basis of the treatment consists of processes of oxidation, flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, disinfection, activated carbon adsorption, storage, and distribution of treated water under pressure. We can adapt and modularize the processes necessary to achieve specific goals of treatment, such as desalination modules, chemical precipitation, ion exchange, etc.
Our D models are assembled in 20' containers, with drinking water production up to 1000 m3/d, and can be used for supply of populations, hospitals, construction sites, hotels, industry, agriculture, etc.



Can produce up to 75 m3 per day of safe drinking water. Built in one 20' container module



Can produce up to 150 m3 per day of safe drinking water. Built in one 20' container module



Can produce up to 300 m3 per day of safe drinking water. Built in two 20' container module

CUBO D1000


Can produce up to 1000 m3 per day of safe drinking water. Built in six 20' container module