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Water for a sustainable future!!! 

Plug-and-Play, containerized, modular water treatment systems

Developing innovative solutions for sustainable access to drinking water worldwide


Low maintenance / Simple operation

Our systems are engineered to minimize maintenance needs, and to be simple to operate. this leads to low operational costs, being able to produce water at a low cost. Learn more...


Fully automated operation

Our systems can run without human intervention, as well can be fully monitored and controlled remotely. Learn more...


Robust and mobile

Robustness and build quality ensure a long life span of the equipment. The easiness of installation and relocation makes our systems very versatile. Learn more...


Plug-and-Play systems for decentralized water supply and remote places

Our units are built with the standard dimensions of shipping containers, enabling easy transportation and installation procedures.
The units are plug-and-play, completely ready to deploy and install. After placed, there is only the need to connect water inlet, water outlet and energy, and the unit is ready to operate.


CUBO Environment Technologies S.A. is a Portuguese company that designs, manufactures and sells innovative compact, modular, containerized water treatment units.

CUBO’s mission is to develop and manufacture modular and containerized technology solutions for the deployment of water supply and wastewater treatment stations to enable the sustainable, efficient and effective use of water resources for improving the well-being and quality of life of water-deprived populations worldwide.

Our vision is to create technology solutions to enable the optimum and sustainable utilization of Water Resources globally.

CUBO has a worldwide market target, to deploy their units and supply safe drinking water and wastewater treatment to rural areas, small populations and decentralized waterworks. CUBO technology is also aimed at the tourism sector, hotels, condominiums, estates and to the industry.
CUBO is on the market to make a difference.



Maia - Portugal